Holos Skincare Routine


Shannon is using a mixture of holos Skincare products for this routine

Product list below 👇

🧴This is More- Multi use plant oil.
This multi use plant oil can be used for removing makeup, facial oil, massage oil, bath oil and hair oil.

🧴Good Morning- Face Wash.
this face wash is absolutely amazing cleansing the skin without drying it out this is recommended for normal/oily skin.

🧴Love Your Skin - Floral Toner.
This toner is so soothing on the skin whilst grabbing any excess oils on the skin also regenerative on the skin.

🧴This Is More- Facial And Eye Serum.
This serum is amazing on the skin packed with pure hyaluronic acid and plant extracts, brilliant use for dry patches and scar tissue

🧴This Is More- Get Better Butter.
This moisturiser is amazing for anyone who suffers with dryness, packed with organic Shea butter and cocoa butters to give your skin that smooth silky feel without the heavy feel.

🧴Super Natural Activity- pre and probiotic Spritz.
The name of this says it all !! This product is OUR FAVOURITE 🤩 packed with ingredients to keep a good bacteria layer on the skin keeping you protected from the outside environment! We have such good feed back from our customers using this product. Highly recommended to anyone facing breakouts or aggressive skin conditions 🧖‍♀️

🛍All available on our website letthemtalk.ie or in store 🛍


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