Meet Laura Grufferty

Female entrepreneur, Googlebox Ireland TV personality, working mum, and aficionado of all thing’s beauty.

Laura is a little bit obsessed with beauty products. Sure, we all are, but for Laura this goes a little bit further. So much so, that she has endless drawers jam-packed full of beauty products!

If Laura looks a little bit familiar to you, that's because for the last 7 years, Laura and her family - the Gruffertys, have been the breakout stars on Virgin Media's Googlebox Ireland show - since its inception in 2014. Clearly, they're enjoying it all and viewers have taken the family to their hearts!

Laura has been working in the beauty and wellness industry for over 17 years. She started with her hair salon House of L.A., an iconic favourite in Athy Co. Kildare.

Over the years she and her team have scooped up a series of awards for salon and stylist of the year.

As a stylist, Laura found that she was continuously being asked to draw on her passion and expertise and give beauty tips to her clients, friends, and family. It was something she was always thrilled to do.

Despite being a busy working mum, businesswoman and TV personality, Laura always wanted to share this passion and expertise for beauty products to a wider audience beyond her clients, friends, and family, and so Let Them Talk Beauty and Honest to Blog was born!

A place where people can find a selection of the best brands, tested by a dedicated team of beauty consultants, and lovingly curated for you, along the latest beauty trends, best advice, and tips – all living under one roof!
Ideal for, As Laura says: “those wanting a Champaign lifestyle on a lemonade budget!” Finally: all your beauty needs tended to under the one roof, or with the click of a button!

About Let Them Talk Beauty

Welcome to Let Them Talk Beauty
We've selected the finest beauty products, tested by our dedicated beauty consultants, and lovingly curated for you.

Finally: all your beauty needs tended to under the one roof, or with the click of a button!

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